Technology aboard

When fitting out Cat man do, we paid particularly close attention to high-performance and efficient electronics that provide the helmsman and the navigator with all the information they need. We would like especially to thank Navico Deutschland for their innovative solutions and excellent support.

Nerve centre – The plotters

On the chart table, there are two plotters that function independently of each other, but which are connected via a network in order to access waypoints and routes jointly. The B&G Z12 on the starboard side supplies the two displays at the helms. The B&G T12 on the port side establishes a WiFi connection in order to access the system with the GoFree app. An appropriately configured iPad is provided on board.

Access – The helms

At the two helms, the helmsman can access all available information, which is displayed on 15-inch displays. The helmsman can custom-configure the information displayed or allow the system to configure itself according to their specific needs.

Perspective – The radar

Cat man do is fitted with the latest 4G radar by Navico, which supplies outstanding images of the surrounding area in high resolution, especially at short range.

Film about the radar

What lies beneath – Structure Scan

This is not only for shedding light on your anchorage, but also for locating your dinner – assuming it is still under the boat.

Structure Scan brochure