While comfort is very important, Cat man do is not a floating hotel, it’s a boat that can be actively sailed.

The helms

If you intend to sail (properly), you must always pay attention to the trim of the sail and the lanyards of the foresail and the mainsail. This is why all Catanas feature two helms, positioned at the end of each hull, where you can control your vessel with ease.

No Flybridge

The absence of a flybridge makes sailing with a shorthanded crew possible. Eye contact and communication at a normal volume facilitate a close and trusting working relationship.

The helmsman has a clear and carefree bird’s-eye view of proceedings during docking manoeuvres.

The daggerboards

Every active sailor is familiar with daggerboards, which prevent drift on courses against high winds and can be retracted in order to reduce water resistance. Designs with a keel are at a disadvantage here.

Moreover, the draught, which can be reduced to a minimum, affords additional safety as the boat can simply drift above high waves rather than being tossed within them.

Speed is limited on land