Catamarans in general

Spilling coffee all over the charttable isn’t a recipe for attractive sailing.

Catamarans still suffer a bit of an image problem and are dogged by traditional notions and deep-seated prejudice. It is only in the last 15 years that they have enjoyed something of a renaissance, which is attributable not least to current developments in the America’s Cup. Multihull vessels are now a fixture of the racing and record-breaking circuit. Complaints about this are legitimate, but probably about as effective as trying to save the steam engine.

Sailing a sports monohull remains a pure delight. But even purists will admit that sailing outside regattas is certainly less fun when lots of your (holiday) time is spent tying down everything on board to make sure it doesn’t tip over. And the whole family is usually not best pleased to be rolled to and fro by the waves. A catamaran cannot roll on account of its construction. It moves with the waves, of course – but without reinforcing these movements.