The Shipyard

The Catana shipyard is the world specialist in fast cruising catamarans with an unwavering commitment to continuous innovation and research. Catana produces a range of customized catamarans ranging from 42-70 feet, designed for world cruising.

Catana is one of the only shipyards in the world to build boats utilizing the highly advanced “Carbon Infusion” and “Twaron” processes. Major components including the hulls, bulkheads, deck and furniture constructed in foam cored sandwich, make Catana Catamarans fast and unsinkable.

Catana is able to offer a premium standard of comfort with the finest in modern fittings while preserving unequalled performance due to innovative designs that optimize weight and hull drawing.

Catanas are the only catamarans successfully bringing together the three hallmarks of the brand:  Performance, Safety and Superior Comfort.

the CATANA differences


Lightness : foam sandwich, carbon, infusion process.

Daggerboards : Down for good upwind performance, and up to decrease the drag.

Hulls architecture : less pitching, less drag, better passage through the waves.


Twaron : shock resistance (perforation x10 and traction x3).

Unsinkable : foam sandwich, crash-box.

Daggerboards : Up to avoid the effect « trips » with waves on the side.

Stability : bows design, weights centering.

Vinylester resin : osmosis protection, additional rigidity, higher strength.

Comfort & Quality

High load capacity : to carry a lot of equipment and provisions during a long voyage.

Top of the range fitout : quality, longevity.

Materialsemployed : reliability, longevity.

Top of the range fittings and equipment : reliability, longevity.


Choice of materials : wood, floor, rigging…

Customizable installations : personalization, integrated carpentry and stainless workshop, all trades (plumbing, electricity… all in house).

Choice of equipment : electronics, options…

Choice of colors : many colors of fabrics, corian, laminates…